Rates For 2018
Reservations are accepted, but not required.
Fees are per person and do not include 5.5% sales tax.
(Power Carts are limited to a maximum of two golfers and two sets of clubs)

Daily Fee Rates

Adult 9 Holes: $15.00

Adult 9 Holes with a Power Cart: $25.00

Adult 18 holes without Power Cart: $25.00

All 18 holes with a Power Cart: $35.00

Twilight Unlimited Golf (After 3:00 P.M.): $15.00

Twilight Unlimited Golf (After 3:00 P.M.) with a Power Cart: $35.00

Junior Rate (maximum of 18 holes): $12.00

Walk along with paid adult green fee (not playing): $5.00

Ride along with paid adult green fee (not playing): $10.00


Pull Cart: $5.00

Rental Clubs (right and left hand): $5.00/$10.00

Fees subject to change without notice.

Winter Golf

     Bay Ridge Golf Course is actually open on a year around basis. We have flags out and if the weather permits, you are invited to enjoy a round of golf anytime.

     We do this because the weather is so unpredictable and many times our visitors find themselves in Door County when there is no snow. They want to be outside and consequently we have had golfers every month of the year.

      The course is on the honor system and we encourage everyone to be “honorable”. You put cash or a check in one of the envelopes we have made available by the Golf Shop door. Write your name on the envelope and slip it in a slot in the door. Score cards and pencils are available and we even offer “winter” balls you can use—returning any that do not get lost. If we happen to be here we will also have rental clubs available. Be sure and call in advance if you need clubs.

     Rates are usually from $10-12.00/person. If power carts are available the cost is $10.00/cart.